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All local Geelong businesses in one location

The Geelong Business Registry is a digital community that helps Geelong businesses to raise their profile with new local customers; to connect and collaborate with each other; and for local suppliers to connect to local procurement opportunities.

Who uses Localised

  • Local businesses
  • Procurement professionals

For small businesses

"I run a small business and it can be really difficult for new clients to find me. I don’t advertise and traditional networking takes a lot of time. The profile I get through Localised is really important. I've been connected to many new opportunities that I never would have had visibility of otherwise.

If you run a small business, you should be on Localised."

Michael Warren, 3D2D, Graphic Designer

For procurement professionals

"Compared to other platforms, Localised is a much lighter touch. It effectively combines a low administrative overhead with the ability to generate strong competition.

It makes it easier to do my job and facilitate good outcomes for my clients."

Adrian Hart, Chilwell Consulting, Procurement Professional

For business managers

"Often one of our biggest challenges is not knowing if there is a local supplier for what we require. Localised offers a user friendly platform which quickly identifies and introduces us to local suppliers."

Leanne Thom-Leeson, Bethany Community Support Inc. Office Manager - Corporate Services

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